Diamond Multimedia VC500MAC USB 2.0 One Touch Vhs to DVD Video Capture Device

The Diamond One-Touch Video Capture VC500MAC has become the most versatile and easy-to-use device on the desks of many video capture enthusiasts. It takes all the stress out of converting video from almost any source and converting and preserving them into digital files. With the Empia software and all the included accessories, you are ready to start capturing, preserving video and audio from almost any analog video device. Right out of the box, the One-Touch Video Capture is ready to capture video. Compatible with iMovie for those that need to edit their videos.

This is what is reported on Diamond Multimedia website. We have tried this hardware with macbook Air6,2  MacOS X Sierra – 1,3 GHz Intel Core i5.

Product comes at around 45 euro from Amazon, packaging looks good and tidy enough. Software installation is easy and quick, even if we have not succeed to achieve any compatibility with FinalCut X or iMovie. Continue reading


iTunes Application Loader – login error two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your Apple ID designed to ensure that you’re the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password. Apple is now requesting this method for using his services; such as: signing in to their Apple Developer account and Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

This authentication can cause however login issues with some apps. The Application Loader is an example. This app is very useful to publish app coming outside Xcode process (e.g. phoneGap, HTML5 apps).

A good solution is the temporary password generation from appleid account management: https://appleid.apple.com/account/manage

In the security section you will be able to set up a temporary password (specific password for app). An input with a name to fill will popup and a password will be showed on the screen after.

You will be able to login after with your iTunes email and the temporary password given.


Bitclaimer.me – Highest Paying Faucet is a scam

After having tested many faucet bitcoin collector I can confirm Bitclaimer.me is a scam.

The site offers from 750 to 1000 satoshi for every claim, the claim is accessible after having inserted wallet address and having solved the classic captcha code.

A message inform then that the amount of satoshi has been added to your account. The claim is again available after 30 minutes.

After having reached an amount of 120000 satoshi (120k), a transfer of the balance is possible directly to your account.

120k is equivalent to 10 euro (with a value of bitcoin around 8.7k euro), and is easily achievable after one week of daily claims.

The site states 5 days for the funds to be transferred, but so far no money has reached my account nor I have found on the internet a proof of this website effectively paying what promised. I can finally confirm bitclaim.me is a scam.

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Amiga 1200 – ACA1233n accelerator board review

Amiga, Amiga1200, ACA1233n, commodore amiga, workbench, ACA 1233, ACA

After around one year having acquired back an Amiga 1200 on second hand market I have decided to buy also a memory + accelerator card to profit 100% of WHDLoad games and, in general, to have a better experience of the full machine usage.

My choice fallen on ACA1233n 40 Mhz, produced by Individual Computers, bought on AmigaKit website. Together with the ACA1233n I bought also an RTC module.

The box arrived 4 days after my purchase, and the package looked at first glance well done and professional (the same level as previous experience purchase on AmigaKit).

The board was well boxed and protected, the package was functional but at the same time professional and elegant. The RTC module was already connected to the board (the red part on the picture below). Package was completed by 2 A4 printed manuals: 1 for the ACA1233n and the other one for the RTC module.

My configuration is the following:

  • Amiga 1200 – motherboard REV: B
  • Kickstart 3.1
  • Compact Flash hard drive (4GB)
  • PCMCIA Compact Flash adapter

ACA1233n features:

  • Compatibility with Amiga 1200 and Amiga 500 (with ACA 500)
  • Full 68030 with MMU running at 40MHz
  • 127MB Fast Memory (32-bit) with burstmode support
  • 1MB reserved for MapROM feature
  • Dynamic clocking for power-saving
  • card enable/disable in software
  • memory available to onboard CPU if accelerator is switched off (not ACA 500)
  • faster clockport for RapidRoad gives 55% speed increase
  • new software compatibility settings
  • improved A1200 compatibility
  • PCMCIA compatible
  • Optional Real Time Clock module

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Silverpop XML API – Send email on website form – tutorial


This tutorial describes how to automatize email send (after for example a form website compilation) with SilverPOP XML Api and php.

The first step is performed in SilverPop and requires the creation of a Silverpop database (that will store form information), and an autoresponder (based on a specific template).

First step: You login in Silverpop to create your database (single opt-in database)



Then you can create your custom fields in the database (based on the form fields you have in your website).

pic4 pic5

In our example (above) we have created the additional fields: firstname, familyname, code.

Now we can create the template for the mail that will be automatically send to our website users (that will fill our form). Once the template is created you have to select Automate to create an automated message.

The Automated message will be sent every time a new user is added to your database (with the custom fields created).

pic6 pic7

Do not forget to:

  • create a name for your automated message (Mailing Name)
  • associate the automated message to your database (Custom Source)
  • Select the option “Opt In” for Autoresponder setup

pic8 pic9

Once completed you can submit and create your automated message.


The database fields will be replaced inside your template for all the element created in the form of %%value%%. In our case we will include in our template

Dear %%firstname%% %%familyname%%

When the autoresponder will be automatically send, upon database user insertion, these fields will be replaced automatically.

Please keep in mind, Silverpop could inform you about any errors between database fields and your template after the automation created have been submitted (see screenshot below)


From the coding part (PHP) we will use again EngagePod API as described in our previous articles.

We need to login first and with the id of the database (you can find on SilverPop passing your mouse over the Database name) you can insert your entry based on the information received from the form (in our case firstname, familyname, code).

The example in the code below:



Silverpop createQuery example

In order to create a query you have to create or retrieve the id of the object (a database) you want to query from.

Considering you have created a $silverpop (new EngagePod) with login credentials and server number (https://ictknowledge.net/engagepod-php-php-library-silverpop/);
You can use GetList call to extract a list of databases

Then you can pass the query to your database, the following example returns all the lines with the email address equal to the one given:

retrieve_adr is the name of the query that will be created
$list_id is the variable where the database id is stored


EngagePod php – Silverpop PHP Client Library

EngagePod.php is a PHP client library for the Silverpop API
Most of the examples and tutorial in this section will make use of this library

Library and info at:

first thing to use silverpop API calls is to login with your credentials
EgangePod.php helps us with the following function


Yii execute code after method

In order to execute a specific code after a Yii controller method (action) called you can proceed by using the following method: afterAction

You cannot specify the action or not

here’s an example:

with the same principle you can call the method: beforeAction

do not forget however to return true before end of the method


Node.js mobile detect

Install mobile detect module on your nodejs server (place yourself on the root where your node_modules folder is and type

then on your server node.js code type