Amiga 1200 – ACA1233n accelerator board review

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After around one year having acquired back an Amiga 1200 on second hand market I have decided to buy also a memory + accelerator card to profit 100% of WHDLoad games and, in general, to have a better experience of the full machine usage.

My choice fallen on ACA1233n 40 Mhz, produced by Individual Computers, bought on AmigaKit website. Together with the ACA1233n I bought also an RTC module.

The box arrived 4 days after my purchase, and the package looked at first glance well done and professional (the same level as previous experience purchase on AmigaKit).

The board was well boxed and protected, the package was functional but at the same time professional and elegant. The RTC module was already connected to the board (the red part on the picture below). Package was completed by 2 A4 printed manuals: 1 for the ACA1233n and the other one for the RTC module.

My configuration is the following:

  • Amiga 1200 – motherboard REV: B
  • Kickstart 3.1
  • Compact Flash hard drive (4GB)
  • PCMCIA Compact Flash adapter

ACA1233n features:

  • Compatibility with Amiga 1200 and Amiga 500 (with ACA 500)
  • Full 68030 with MMU running at 40MHz
  • 127MB Fast Memory (32-bit) with burstmode support
  • 1MB reserved for MapROM feature
  • Dynamic clocking for power-saving
  • card enable/disable in software
  • memory available to onboard CPU if accelerator is switched off (not ACA 500)
  • faster clockport for RapidRoad gives 55% speed increase
  • new software compatibility settings
  • improved A1200 compatibility
  • PCMCIA compatible
  • Optional Real Time Clock module

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