Joomla: email validation

The following code shows how to validate an email with Joomla API


Joomla params/forms YES/NO radio button option

Here below the code for a YES/NO radio button option suitable for example for published option in your table records:

YES is the default option in this specific case.


Joomla – get user groups programmatically

The following code illustrates how to access groups an user is subscribed with Joomla ACL. Groups ids are returned in an array

To test the code, do not forget to lougout and login again should you have modified the user group from the back-end



Joomla: get Objects (database, user, application)

Here below the code to programmatically obtain:

Access to Database Object

Access to User Object:

Access to App Object:

Access to Document Object:



Joomla: get UserGroupId by name programmatically

You can obtain Joomla UserGroup id by name with the following code:



Joomla: redirect user to Login programmatically

If you want your component function to be accessed by your user prior to login programmatically you can use the following code:

You can include the function in your helper class


You can call the function in your MVC code with the following instructions: