Diamond Multimedia VC500MAC USB 2.0 One Touch Vhs to DVD Video Capture Device

The Diamond One-Touch Video Capture VC500MAC has become the most versatile and easy-to-use device on the desks of many video capture enthusiasts. It takes all the stress out of converting video from almost any source and converting and preserving them into digital files. With the Empia software and all the included accessories, you are ready to start capturing, preserving video and audio from almost any analog video device. Right out of the box, the One-Touch Video Capture is ready to capture video. Compatible with iMovie for those that need to edit their videos.

This is what is reported on Diamond Multimedia website. We have tried this hardware with macbook Air6,2  MacOS X Sierra – 1,3 GHz Intel Core i5.

Product comes at around 45 euro from Amazon, packaging looks good and tidy enough. Software installation is easy and quick, even if we have not succeed to achieve any compatibility with FinalCut X or iMovie.

As first test we have tried to import screen and video capture from a C64c output.

C64 was equipped with composite video RCA cable.

Once connected to the device C64 screen was directly visible on mac os via the Empia Capture software. Cool!

Button on the device allowed also a single image to be captured and saved directly into Mac OS X Desktop folder on the fly (without any intervention on the program GUI).

Result: not terrific !! Ok: the C64c features a screen resolution of 320×200, but you can judge yourself with the following image and video, what was the quality of our digital result.

Next try will be with a SVHS connector and a canon mv600i Camera. Stay tuned