– Highest Paying Faucet is a scam

After having tested many faucet bitcoin collector I can confirm is a scam.

The site offers from 750 to 1000 satoshi for every claim, the claim is accessible after having inserted wallet address and having solved the classic captcha code.

A message inform then that the amount of satoshi has been added to your account. The claim is again available after 30 minutes.

After having reached an amount of 120000 satoshi (120k), a transfer of the balance is possible directly to your account.

120k is equivalent to 10 euro (with a value of bitcoin around 8.7k euro), and is easily achievable after one week of daily claims.

The site states 5 days for the funds to be transferred, but so far no money has reached my account nor I have found on the internet a proof of this website effectively paying what promised. I can finally confirm is a scam.

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Redirect with Timer in PHP

How you can make a redirect with PHP after a specific number of seconds ?

There are three options available:
The first one is to use a meta refresh

or a javascript function:

You can however use the PHP function header with the following sintax:


HTML – hide address on mouse over

If you need to hide the href address a browser usually shows when the mouse is over a particular link you can follow the below example.

This is useful especially if the href contains special javascript code we want to hide to destination user.
This method is however not suggested because the site will result not clear, and also not fair for the user; avoiding the possibility to evaluate the selected element. A proper and well build site should avoid such tricks.


Apache – ModRewrite – redirect site to a subfolder

If you want to redirect your website to a subfolder you can edit (or create) the root file .htaccess using Apache ModRewrite

You can insert the following code:

This method is useful also to create different installation (and version) of your website in different folders. You can edit then .htaccess file to redirect to one or another installation.